Brickote, Inc.

Company History

Since my father developed and patented our Brickote process in 1939, we have designed, renovated and surfaced thousands of homes, industrial and commercial buildings, factories, schools and churches.

Our coatings can be applied over most surfaces and made to closely match aged and weathered masonry surfaces.

We insist on, and provide our customers with, the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure customer satisfaction at Brickote. We are a company that is proud of our past and enthusiastic about our future.

From Humble Beginnings
to Wall Coverings Leader

Our company, started by my father in 1935, began as a small contracting company catering to the needs of its’ clients. The Brickote process was developed when one client asked Louis Polak, Sr. to do something to his house. My father applied tar paper and metal lath over the deteriorating shingles. He then applied a scratch coat, followed by a base coat that would represent the mortar color, and then the final coat representing the brick color. From this first Brickote application that our company then patented in 1939, we have grown into the wall coverings leader that we are today. Even though our company has grown substantially over the last 70 years, we have continued with the basic principle that my father established this business on, give your customers what they want and at a fair price.

Louis Polak, Sr.
Our founder displays
his Brickote patent

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